• Coaching

    Inner conviction grows from within.
    I work towards this goal with a range of methods. 

    We start by exploring your key issues and expectations. We define your aims and develop a strategy. Finally, we evaluate together the coaching process and the results achieved.

    There is a wide range of reasons why coaching support is sought - possibly because of professional change and the wish to handle conflicts better. If you want to see better results through improving your communication skills or developing new plans of action, then coaching can be a great support. It provides a secure framework in which you can address and examine key issues confidentially in a personal setting. I accompany and facilitate these processes and provide you with my professional feedback.

    Through Coaching you can widen your social, management and leadership competencies and skills - and thereby extend the scope of your behavioural patterns. In this way, you can learn to resolve negative behavioural, perceptive and judgmental tendencies that interfere with creative building processes. This will result in higher motivation and a more succesful performance.