• Debora Schaeffer

    Where are we heading for? What´s our position? Sometimes we need
    more time to understand, sometimes the answers come quickly.

    Nothing functions well without trust. For me this has to be the basis of good consulting.

    Within the different branches -Organisation-Coaching-Supervision - the methods used, the time and effort necessary, depend on my professional judgement and advice for your individual needs and wishes.

    Whatever your requirements the first step is to make contact. After a personal call or preliminary talk, in which we can clarify your needs and issues, I will give you my feedback and advise you on how I think you should best progress. This stage of our collaboration is free of charge.


  • My Method
    I work with a psychodynamic, systemic organisational consulting approach. I draw from a well-founded repertoire of methodological expertise. For example; question techniques, visualisation methods, structural constellation work and psychodrama. My work is in accordance with all on-going scientifically validated methods in the areas of Supervision, Organisational Consulting and Coaching.

    My wide experience with the dynamics of groups and organisations, with psychoanalytical concepts, and last, but not least, within the creative fields of music, dance and theatre has constantly accompanied my professional development and finds its place within my daily practice.

    I work together with other consultants and institutions in different professional constellations and projects.

  • About me

    I was born and grew up in West-Berlin. After my Abitur (A-Levels) I completed a commercial professional training then took a degree in Business Administration Studies at the College of Economy (FHW Berlin). I also enjoyed periods of studies and placements in Dublin, Edinburgh and Montréal. Following the completion of my degree diessertation on the subject of the Cultural Management of two main Berlin Theatres I gained work experience as a Consulting assistent for a renowned Managen´ment Consulting firm in areas of Training Courses, Management Assessments and Coaching. During this time I decided to study for a part time Masters Degree Course in Coaching, Supervision and Organisational Consulting at the University of Kassel. I also participated intensively in Psychodrama Training and adressed the issues and Concepts of Psychoanalysis.

    I now live and work in Kassel and occasionally in Berlin. I have been a freelance consultant within different projects since 2007.